Nov 01 2011

Portobello Stuffed with Vegan Chorizo Sweet Corn and Peppers

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A Vegetarian’s Delight

Cold autumn nights call for warm, hardy meals. But hardy doesn’t have to be meaty. Portobellos are a great substitute for meat patties, they are also perfect for stuffing. Think of them as these perfect little boats that can hold lots and lots of goodies. So what goodies did I use for this meal? Vegan chorizo, a spicy, flavorful option available at Trader Joe’s. Again, it’s a hardy, yet meatless option for those days you need a break from the cow, chicken, and fish.

Portobello Stuffed with Vegan Chorizo Sweet Corn and Peppers Recipe

Portobello Stuffed with Vegan Chorizo Sweet Corn and Peppers

Serves 4 people

4 portobello caps

1 vegan chorizo

1/2 cup cilantro

1/2 cup mint

2 corn on the cobs

1 red bell pepper

1 poblano pepper

2 roma tomatoes

1 teaspoon dried oregano

1/2 cup manchego cheese

Pre-heat your cast-iron pan, or grill pan on high heat. Scoop out the inside of your portobello caps and brush the caps with olive oil. Place on the grill pan for 5 minutes on each side. Season with salt and pepper before you flip them, and season them again once you flip them. Remove them from the grill pan.

Now brush your corn cobs with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and place them on the grill pan. Rotate the cobs ever 2 minutes to get a nice char all around. Remove from pan.

If you are using a grill pan, you will need to switch to a frying an for the next step. Place the chorizo onto a medium-high pan with just a drizzle of olive oil. Break up the chorizo until you have it spread evenly as one layer, cook for about 3 minutes until the chorizo is caramelized and stir and flip over and cook for another 3 minutes to brown the other side. Remove the chorizo from the pan.

Now add your julienned (thinly sliced) pepper, and season them with salt, pepper, and oregano.  After a couple minutes, add the sliced tomatoes. Turn heat down to low and add the chorizo to the pan and stir.

Next strip the kernels off the corn cobs with a knife, and add them to the pan as well. Give the pan a nice stir, and turn off the heat.

It’s time to assemble. Take your portobello cap, stuff it with the chorizo, pepper, and corn mixture, top it with some shredded manchego cheese, and then sprinkle with chopped mint and cilantro.



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