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Aug 08 2012

French Bistro Style Steak and Frites

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Dinner for One? Make it a French Bistro Night! My husband called and said he’d be home late tonight. Easy thing to do is just order in pizza or carry out Chinese, but what if I’m feeling like French Bistro style cuisine? Not exactly carry-out food is it? Hmm…do I go to Bistro Margot a […]

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Feb 14 2012

French Onion Ribeye Sandwich

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A Valentine Treat for Your Man Men love meat, at least the man in my life does. Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to see the magic that occurs when a man is face-to-face with a medium-rare steak. ┬áTheir mouth waters, their voice deepens, their chests puff up, and all of sudden, they feel the […]

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