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Jul 04 2013

Vegan Pho with Grilled Eggplant and Mushrooms

Happy Pho of July! This Fourth of July celebrate your patriotism with a bowl of a soon-to-be American classic. Living in Chicago, a quintessential melting pot, I’ve tried a wide variety of international cuisine in very intimate, authentic, and mom & pop style eateries. Whether it’s pot-stickers, samosas, baba ghanoush, or pierogies, what was ten […]

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Aug 17 2011

Wild Salmon Gumbo

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Plan B for a Rainy Day After 3 years of anticipation, my husband and I have finally built our rooftop deck. We didn’t actually build it; we had it built. So, what is the first thing we did? We immediately bought a barbecue grill to take advantage of the summer days with some outdoor cooking […]

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Sep 07 2010

French Potato Soup and Quiche

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Mon Cheri, France With a baguette tucked under one arm, I stroll the cobblestone streets of Montmartre, my legs dressed in my favorite pair of brown leather riding boots, my neck loosely wrapped with a cashmere scarf. Inhaling the autumn air at the highest point in Paris, the point where all the man made beauty […]

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