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Aug 14 2014

Tales and Recipes of a Traveling Vegan (Summer 2014 Edition-Recipe #1)

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When my husband and I landed in Europe mid-July, our expectations of finding vegetarian and vegan friendly eats were pretty low after spending our first trip abroad as one year-old vegetarian/vegans in Paris in the spring. However, each city we visited during this summer trip blew my skepticism away. From street food to fine-dining, I […]

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Jun 18 2014

Cauliflower Salad

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Summer has arrived, and I know you’re tired of hearing the cliche that we all want to fit into our bikinis, trunks, girdles, thongs, and what have you not; I get it. But that doesn’t mean we should be eating like a bird. I still crave hearty food in the summer, but I also want […]

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Aug 10 2012

Spicy Peanut Noodle Salad with Garlic-Ginger Lime Chicken Satays

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Plate Your Passion’s Favorite 2012 Summertime Salad Enthusiasts of Plate your Passion may already recognize my affinity for salads; the versatility and the creativity of the salad are infinite. It is no wonder that the salad dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. In fact the word salad is derived from the Latin word […]

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Jul 01 2012

Summertime Comfort Food

  Roasted Garlic and Tomato Mozzarella Pasta Salad What do you eat when it’s 97 degrees out? Most people opt for salads for that crisp refreshing bite. With the wide assortment of lettuces available in your supermarket now, you can never grow tired of lettuce. Or can you? Well, good thing there’s pasta who is […]

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May 15 2012

Classics Redefined fromTurkey with Love

A Tasteful Take on Turkish Traditions Every couple years, my in-laws make the 5,526 mile trek to come visit us in Chicago. For the four weeks they stay with us, the kitchen comes to life with the aromas of Istanbul, the perfume of oregano, simmering slow-cooking stews boiling with tomatoes, and freshly cut mint permeate […]

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Aug 24 2011

Very Berry Las Olas Salad

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Summertime Salads-The Sequel In 2004, I fell in love. Not with my husband (I hadn’t met him yet). It was in summertime in sunny Fort Lauderdale. No, it wasn’t with a tan chiseled Floridian man. It was with a salad, a salad that had no predecessor at Las Olas Gourmet and Wine. Until that moment […]

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