Jul 08 2010


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Whether it was licking the remaining cake batter off the bowl when baking with my mother or dipping pieces of bread into the egg mixture for french toast with my father, my favorite memories have revolved around food- preparing it, cooking it, and of course eating it. I am not a trained chef but a self-taught cook, an evolving apprentice of the kitchen perpetually inspired by food magazines, cook books, the Food Network, and most important of all my travels where my connection with the local cuisine of various regions brings me home with a grander definition of cooking. My food manifests from passion, and my passion manifests from life, the breath of the present, the beauty of now.

Plate your Passion is a place where food imitates life, where we recreate our fondest experiences through food and plate what excites us most for others to feast their eyes and appetites. Every dish has its own story, its own muse. I hope that you find these little slices of life excite your palate and your soul.

Granville Island Public Market, Vancouver, BC

Granville Island Public Market, Vancouver, BC